More About Me

I have 18 years of experience working in marketing and sales in corporate and agency environments. I have a degree in Marketing with a specialty in business communications as well as a certificate in information management.

I am investigative by nature and energized by the opportunity to deep dive on a topic and uncover the What? How? When? Where? Who? and Why? I love to share my discoveries with partners, teammates and friends. This is why the people who know me well tend to seek me out as a source of information and appreciate my knack for distilling things down to their root.

I am skilled at identifying problems and suggesting alternatives, considering the pros and cons of each option in relation to the prevailing circumstances or available resources and am comfortable providing recommendations or personally choosing an option and executing on it.

My writing style is great for conveying messages that are actionable because its straight forward, plainspoken and concise. My personal style is deliberative, and I work best when I’m given the time to look sufficiently in-depth enough to analyze and think about the problem or opportunity. I have a strong, no-nonsense, sober side to my personality, but over time as I build relationships and trust my humorous side comes out. I prefer to split my time between independent work and teams.